Wednesday, March 27, 2013


in one of ricky gervais' podcasts karl pilkington talks about whether living on the poor side of the street is better than living on the rich side. his argument for always choosing to live on the poor side is that the view is better. and this weekend i couldn't agree more with karl because we went for an afternoon trip to brooklyn heights (not exactly 'poor', but its considered the underdog to manhattan). the thing with living in manhattan is that you are surrounded by all the tall buildings which can become quite depressing and then when you reach the river you're faced with views of queens, brooklyn or jersey which are nothing to shout about. 
and so this weekend brooklyn heights showed its true colours (i'm already a little bit in love with brooklyn so it didn't have to work too hard) and wowed us with its incredible views of downtown and midtown manhattan, its chilled out vibe, cool cafe's and restaurants, birds and trees and even a tiny pebbled beach. i like brooklyn. lots (don't be fooled by the sun, it was still freeeezing). 

look at that view. brooklyn bridge and downtown
we found window arches
hes so much fun
a garden with a view. freedom tower in construction
just love it
carousel in a greenhouse on the pier
carousel in a greenhouse on the pier under brooklyn bridge
manhattan bridge
more downtown
brooklyn bridge. empire state. and trees.
brooklyn and manhattan bridges

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  1. Just stumbled across your blog! I'm a 'Yorkshire lass' living in New York,about half a block from the Brooklyn Promenade. Love seeing all these pictures of the neighborhood. You should see those piers now! One is a volley ball court,one is the most amazing football fields,another is basketball courts,and a roller skating rink!! Come back and visit!? In the mean time,please keep posting those spectacular photos of the British countryside, to remind me what I'm missing!!! Haven't fully explored yet,but if there aren't any ,I'd love to see some shots of all out lovely British food.....Sunday roast at the pub perhaps ??