Tuesday, March 19, 2013


manhattan apartments are tiny. and so theres no chance of fitting a washing machine in there. most buildings have laundry rooms in the basement. but not ours. so i had to learn quickly the art of washing at the launderette and all the woes and embarrassments that accompany washing your dirty laundry in a public place. i do miss not being able to put on a load of washing whilst im out and it feeling less of a chore, but there is something quite satisfying about getting all your laundry done on one day and not feeling like you're constantly washing. friday. my laundry day. thought you might like to come with me this week......

//getting quarters ready for the machines
//packing it up in the trusty Ikea bag
//sling trusty bag over shoulder and squeeze out of front door
//walk out of apartment block
//three flights of stairs
//walk along the street
//across the road
//the tiny launderette
//fill washing machine
//pour in detergent
//set to warm wash
//fill machine with quarters
//shut door
//thirty min timer
//coffee break
//unload wash
//reload into dryer
//insert coins until desired drying time
then its wait, unload, walk back home, iron, fold, put away. done. friday, wash day.

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