Wednesday, February 27, 2013


those bangs

i didnt think that language would be a problem moving to an english speaking country. turns out i was very wrong. 

it all started when i ordered a 'tall latte' in my british accent. i was served TWO latte's, apparently a british tall sounds like an american two. i asked for a trolley in the supermarket, i was given a blank face. i asked for courgettes and aubergines and given a zucchini and egg plant. i live in an apartment with a super. i get asked for my cell number. i had to describe blu tack, i mean what is there to describe?

i eventually gave in. i joined in. i fake it. i use their words and even dabble in their accent from time to time.

and so it is that i started growing my 'bangs', not my fringe, my bangs. I have had bangs for years. They've taken on different guises, sometimes short, sometimes long, sometimes as a side bang *see this is where the word 'bangs' just doesn't cut the mustard, its a SIDE FRINGE* but they've always been there.

i wanted a change, i was sick of how they demanded so much attention from me, how they would give in so easily when it rained by frizzing within an inch of their life or even worse, join hands,clumping together into an 's' shape in the middle of my forehead, safety in numbers i guess. 

anyway, that will be no more. they're coming along nicely wouldn't you say?

cart - trolley
zucchini - courgette
egg plant - aubergine
apartment - flat
super - handy man of the building
cell number - mobile number
bangs - fringe

Monday, February 25, 2013

A TIME FOR FIRSTS goes. welcome to sunny state up, a blog about all things american. 

i'm lizzie, and i've just moved to NEW YORK NEW YORK with my husband and his job. i've put my career on hold and am throwing myself into this whole new yorker life and with this blog you can join in on my little adventure. i'll be letting you in on the new crafts i'm learning, the new places i discover, the new words i use, the new skills i pick up and probably a load of random bits thrown in for good measure too.

so as this is a time for firsts, heres a few snippets of our 'firsts' in the u s of a. 

-a time for first upgrade to business class
-a time for our first storm, sandy
-a time for the first time outside since sandy
-a time for first day of work
-a time for our first grocery shop trolley escalators & jars of pure sweetness
-a time for our first taste of magnolia bakery