Monday, November 25, 2013


nick has wanted a kitten since forever and finally after two years i gave in and oh my i'm so glad i did. we adopted a little kitty from an animal shelter up in east harlem and named him sir oliver walters (full name), or just oli for short, he's such a cutie.

this weekend we got to know him a little and found out that he:
1. sleeps with his arms crossed
2. can play fetch
3. can turn music on and off, the sound up or down and the brightness down on the laptop
4. enjoys a run around in the bath (an empty bath)
5. can swipe on the i pad

he;s so much fun to be around and snuggle with. here are a few snapshots of his first few days..

Thursday, November 14, 2013


we have been away for a week and when we got back to the city it suddenly felt like winter. i got my boots, gloves, hats and scarves out of hiding, but i'm saving my 'big guns' (my winter duvet coat) for as long as i can hold out. i know that i'll be wearing that coat day in day out for months on end and so i want to enjoy having a choice of jacket/coat to wear for as long as i can even if it does mean i go slightly blue in the process!
as excited as i am about winter approaching with all its christmassy lights and decorations,  i'm sad to see the end of fall. i have loved fall, its my favourite. it totally trumps autumn in every way, the colours, the end to the blistering heat and humidity of summer, the pumpkin scones, the layering of clothing, the crunchy leaves...i could go on and on! i just wish it lasted longer. 
earlier this week i grabbed my camera and headed over to central park for a long stroll so that i could capture some of fall's beauty before it faded and to have some memories of my favourite season. aren't the colours just perfection?

big bird and elmo catching up on their lunch break