Monday, April 6, 2015


can you believe its taken me so long to get the last of these photos uploaded that we've been and gone on another holiday to malaysia...but more of that another day. 
If you can cast your mind back, way way back to the colder months of late january, we slipped away for a couple of days to beautiful venice. pastry eating, glass blowing and dobble playing were just a few of our favourite activities.....

because of the time of year we were in venice, every morning, due to high tides, st mark's square flooded. they put down these raised platforms for the tourists to traipse across the square. some people wore wellies and waded through the water including into the shops! nick was fascinated and paraded me out of the hotel each morning to see the extent of the floods. we even had to watch you tube clips in the hotel of the flood barriers they built a few years back!
nick was in his element; strolling into a cafe ordering his espresso and standing at the bar whilst he threw it back. His little mid morning/afternoon 'pick me up'! but don't worry, despite not being overly keen on coffee i didn't miss 'pick me up' was an assortment of bite sized pastries!
we took a vaparetto (a water taxi) one day and headed over to murano, an outer island. murano is known for its glass blowing and we got to watch them in action. its so incredible seeing them blow and shape the molten glass into this intricate horse. blown glass ornaments aren't exactly my taste but the craftmanship is amazing.
have you heard of the game dobble? we were addicted to playing this game on holiday. its basically a fancy game of snap with different rounds, but this holiday we made up a new game; a timed challenge and we're still trying to beat our best scores!
the colours. so beautiful.