Thursday, April 25, 2013


my sister asked me the other day if i think in dollars instead of having to revert everything back to sterling and my answer was not what i had expected. 
when we first arrived we thought everything was super expensive, mainly because at first glance the number (even though in $) is more than you expect from £'s. but i've got used to that. the problem i have now is differentiating between expensive items and bargains, both in dollars and pounds. i seem to have lost all concept of the true value of a product. is $4.95 for a gallon of milk reasonable? i just have no idea. maybe, with more time, my sense for this will return, but for now i guess i should make the most of being blissfully unaware of the earth shattering price for my milk.

the other money troubles i've run into on this journey have been rather more embarrassing. the first four months i looked like a tourist when paying with change. i would inspect each coin closely, only to see 'one dime' printed onto it and be none the wiser as to its value. and so i would defer to my touristy ways - i'd hold out all my shrapnel to the shop assistant who would then have to pick her way through my change to find the correct amount.  i have since learnt that a dime is 10cent and a nickel is 5 cents.despite my new found knowledge i still can't pay correctly with my loose change because its the size that fools me. a dime (10c) is the size of a 5 pence coin and a nickel (5c) the size of a 10 pence. so i've decided to employ fear avoidance tactics. i don't use change. only thing is that we are gathering a rather hefty stash of shrapnel now........

Saturday, April 20, 2013


'do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.' romans 12:21

boston have been in our prayers this week following the bombings on monday and then the massive manhunt yesterday as boston city was on lockdown. however, amidst this terror i was amazed at the stories of people overcoming evil acts with good; runners continuing to run past the finish line to hospitals to give blood, others running towards the blast to help those injured and neighbours rallying around each other during the lockdown.

and so i want to show you the beautiful city of boston in response to this horrendous act of evil. the city that is steeped in the history of america's fight for freedom. we visited boston one cold weekend in february and followed the red brick freedom trail to learn about the courageous people of boston who fought for their freedom. we also went back to our university days and walked around harvard's campus. 

lets celebrate boston's bravery and courage they've modelled so well this present week and years gone by.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


in a post a few weeks ago i mentioned some amazing cinnamon buns and thought i'd share these delightful rolls of goodness with you. we introduced, or so i thought, these buns to my parents, but mum said that they used to have them in the uk a while ago, so they weren't new to them. but they are to us and so you can either reminisce of days gone by or join in my excitement over them!