Saturday, March 23, 2013


saturday was nick's birthday. it didn't start well as i managed to create a small fire, cut my foot and knock over the bin all whilst attempting to bake cinnamon rolls. i say bake, i mean put the buns in the oven. i must share the delights of these buns with you in another post soon. they're A.MAZing.

birthday present opening commenced promptly at 9:30. as nick sat in the 'birthday chair' he opened each present with such enthusiasm and genuine appreciation, which is why i so love giving him presents and why it wasn't hard to capture this on camera. the present opening was also interspersed with family skype 'show and tell' of presents already opened.

we went out for a lovely brunch in midtown and planned on going into central park afterwards, but it snowed all afternoon. on our way back home we caught the st patrick's (otherwise known as st patty's over here, which, correct me if i'm wrong, is incorrect and is actually st paddy's day?) day parade, which involved some very cold people marching to brass bands down 5th avenue.

back at home we chilled out with a game of monopoly in which nick wore as many of his presents as he could. the game of monopoly started with me being sent to jail in the first round, no change there. nick won again BUT i put up more of a fight this time and it was actually very close until one pivotal moment where i landed on 2 of nicks hotelled properties one after the other.

in the evening we had our first takeaway since being here. and i was super excited to see it arrive in the boxes you see in friends. we ate this whilst watching skyfall and wished we were back in beautiful london.

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