Tuesday, March 12, 2013


friday morning nick and i were moaning about how they love to scare you about the weather  over here. 'a snow storms coming' we were told earlier in the week. and nothing had come. then we look out the window and swallow our words. gulp. there was a lot of snow and it continued to fall until mid afternoon. and so laundry day, (yes its a wholes days work of trekking to the launderette, washing, waiting, unloading, loading, drying, waiting, unloading trekking, folding, ironing and putting away) was put on hold despite the overflowing basket.

after an intense working week we took it easy and ate burnt popcorn and played monopoly. twice. twice i lost by becoming bankrupt. twice i was sent to jail 3 times in the first 5 minutes of play. twice there was a point in play where i had only $2. twice nick got to rub it in that i lost and that he remained triumphant. 

i learnt something new. america has its own calendar. it doesn't follow british calendar rules. who knew? so instead of celebrating mothers day (they celebrate mothers in may) america started spring early by putting their clocks forward. which, by the way, caused no end of confusion during our sunday skypes. sunday, therefore, involved one less hour, but plenty of blue skies and sun with no sign of fridays snow. it also involved mummies opening their string tied packages to reveal handcrafted crocheted bow bunting, over skype.  a lovely day. a lovely new york weekend.

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