Tuesday, March 5, 2013


i love the thrill of finding things. and i don't mean lost things. much to nick's annoyance i love finding things that people have thrown out. you'd be surprised what people throw out. i'm not a hard core scavenger, i don't jump into skips, i just happen to walk past at the right time. if you're not convinced that you can find anything good on the streets, take a look.....

i found this in london.

and this in nyc just days before our table was due to arrive and we had no chairs. 

then last night i hit the jackpot. i was walking home and found this lying on top of some black bin bags on the side of the street

classic version with nothing missing. pristine condition.

but then i realised this

and this

its not classic version at all. its american version with $ and american names. but oh well. i'm pretty happy with my find!

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  1. Actually, Monopoly is an American game. This is the "classic version." Whatever British version you play is a copy-cat. It's no more "classic" than the (much loved) Star Wars version.


    Otherwise, I've been enjoying your blog :)