Monday, January 27, 2014


nick and i were up the other night in stitches at this buzzfeed and so i wanted to share it, its that good! i think my favourite was the boy with the big hand, or the over hairy arm! which are your favourites?

*and this random picture because it makes me laugh....nick was miss heard at starbucks...for HANK!!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


way way back in the warmer months of october when there was still some sun in the sky, my parents came to visit. it was a lot warmer than when they came in february so we made sure that we did as much as we could outdoors.
one of the highlights was our trip onto roosevelt island. this was the first time we had been and we picked the perfect day for it. we got the subway onto the island and walked around before heading back to manhattan via the cable cars. it was an incredible experience to travel back over the east river and into the city's skyline, but i was holding onto the railings in the cable car for dear life! 
heres a short video of our day, featuring mum and dad daw and nick!

Roosevelt Island from Elizabeth Johnson on Vimeo.


i never intended to take such a long leave of absence from the blog but things have been a little crazy recently. we had to take a last minute flight to london as sadly nick's grandad, jim, passed away.

"i have come that you can have a real and eternal life, more and a better life than you have ever dreamed of" 
john 10:10 the message

for many of you who know us, nick was very close to his grandad and we were so blessed for jim to marry us. despite the time back in the uk being very sad it was also incredible remembering and celebrating his life. he was certainly full of life, i mean he took up ice skating in his 60's! 

in response to this, nick and i want to live our lives to the full, for gods glory. and so with that said we have about 6 months left in the states before we start our next heres to making the most of them!