Wednesday, September 17, 2014


for those of you who don't know me, you may be shocked to find out that i'm not actually english, but welsh! i grew up in glorious north wales, surrounded by mountains and sea.  and yes i do speak (some) welsh! unfortunately, i didn't realise until age eighteen just how beautiful this place is, despite the awful really does rain a lot of the time! 

so this weekend we took our first trip in over two years up to wales to visit family. it was so refreshing to get out of the city and go hiking, taking in the fresh mountain air. 
do you remember when we went to the bahamas and our floridian friends felt so natural and at ease in the sea, snorkelling with all those weird and wonderful fish? well....this place is my place. this is my natural habitat! this is where i feel most me, most alive. a pair of wellies or walking boots, a dog (this dog was a rather special puppy called charlie), on a long walk taking in the beauty of this country. i really don't think theres anywhere more stunning than here....the views.....well i'll let you judge them for yourselves!

*my natural habitat also consists of jellyfish the size of nick that are washed up on the shore!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


this weekend we finally got to have some london fun. finally. i persuaded nick to get on a bike(!!) and we cycled along regents canal, through regents park and up a rather steep hill to primrose hill. it wasn't quite the brooklyn heights view that we love, but not bad london, not bad. it was a pretty glorious day out too. if you peer in close you might be able to spot st pauls cathedral and the london eye....its like a wheres wally challenge (or waldo, if you please!)

Saturday, September 6, 2014


we've been back in london 6 weeks now! six whole weeks! in actual fact it feels longer, its amazing how easy it is to slip back into london living again. we are up and running over here, with nearly all our boxes unpacked (just those last two stubborn boxes left), i have started my new job and oli boy is back to his old self, sleeping in his new bathroom sink and he even gets to try out his new garden this weekend!

the real joy of being back in the uk is being closer to our family.
way back in may my brother, will, and sister in law, kate, gave birth to a beautiful little baby girl. our gorgeous niece was a little miracle, an answer to prayer, and that is exactly what she is called, arabella, which means 'answered prayer'. 
we had the longest 3 month wait to see her, but finally a few weekends ago we got a train up to sheffield and spent the weekend with them. it was so good to get out of london and the stress of finding somewhere to live and relax t'up north. we had slow mornings catching up, trips out for coffee and cake with inspiring conversations, lunchtime picnics and evening movies. and the cherry on the cake that weekend was doing it all with arabella, her cuddles and smiles were just the best. isn't she just the cutest?!

you can see more of beautiful arabella on kate's blog 'seasons'