Thursday, June 27, 2013


just when i thought i didn't miss all things british, something like this happens.....

walking to work i stumbled across nyc's best efforts at wimbledon. on the side of the road in the south west corner of madison square park was a teeny weeny tennis court and a mock up 'murray mound' including a big screen of play. i made my way over and was pleasantly surprised to be greeted with  free strawberries and cream and encouraged to take a seat on the ever so miniature slope to enjoy some tennis.
unfortunately i couldn't stay long enough to enjoy any tennis, just adverts(!) and the rather gorgeous skyline of the flatiron and empire state building, and i did get to soak up the wimbledon atmosphere from across the pond and i have to say, britain you know how to do this sort of thing best. and so it turns out i do miss you britain. although, to give you credit nyc, very valiant effort, not bad, not bad at all.

Sunday, June 16, 2013


have you heard about nyc's latest craze? the cronut. half donut half croissant, the genius creation of french chef dominique ansel which first hit nyc by storm in may. a month on and customers now start queing outside the small bakery in soho from 5am in order to ensure they get their hands on the elusive cronut. cronuts are time consuming to make and only roughly 200 are made each morning with a limit of 2 cronuts per person. i've heard that they are even being sold on craigs list (the gum tree equivalent) for $40!

somehow i managed to persuade nick this is what we should do with our saturday morning and so bleary eyed we made our way to the bakery, not as early as 5am, but still far too early for a weekend. we arrived and trudged our way past about 80 people to the back of the queue pretty confident our chances of cronut-dom was secured! 

i have to say the whole experience was so much fun. whilst waiting in anticipation we watched an episode of the british apprentice, we made friends with our cronut queue neighbours, and even got served up some madeleine's whilst we were waiting. we then took our cronuts to washington square park and were just about to bite into them when a guy approached us....'no that a cronut?'

dominique ansel himself

all in all it was a really fun experience and oh yes, it was so delicious. there were also some other amazing looking pastries in the bakery, we tried a cookie which was out of this world. we'll definitely be back to try out some of his other creations. 

Friday, June 14, 2013



can you spot the sniper on the roof?

too hot to get over excited about the white house.

need more office space? just build around existing buildings.

just chillin' with einstein