Monday, April 6, 2015


can you believe its taken me so long to get the last of these photos uploaded that we've been and gone on another holiday to malaysia...but more of that another day. 
If you can cast your mind back, way way back to the colder months of late january, we slipped away for a couple of days to beautiful venice. pastry eating, glass blowing and dobble playing were just a few of our favourite activities.....

because of the time of year we were in venice, every morning, due to high tides, st mark's square flooded. they put down these raised platforms for the tourists to traipse across the square. some people wore wellies and waded through the water including into the shops! nick was fascinated and paraded me out of the hotel each morning to see the extent of the floods. we even had to watch you tube clips in the hotel of the flood barriers they built a few years back!
nick was in his element; strolling into a cafe ordering his espresso and standing at the bar whilst he threw it back. His little mid morning/afternoon 'pick me up'! but don't worry, despite not being overly keen on coffee i didn't miss 'pick me up' was an assortment of bite sized pastries!
we took a vaparetto (a water taxi) one day and headed over to murano, an outer island. murano is known for its glass blowing and we got to watch them in action. its so incredible seeing them blow and shape the molten glass into this intricate horse. blown glass ornaments aren't exactly my taste but the craftmanship is amazing.
have you heard of the game dobble? we were addicted to playing this game on holiday. its basically a fancy game of snap with different rounds, but this holiday we made up a new game; a timed challenge and we're still trying to beat our best scores!
the colours. so beautiful.

Saturday, February 21, 2015


 just over two weeks ago we returned from 4 nights in the beautiful venice. it was the first time in what felt like forever where we had to change up some money and learn a few new words to prepare for our holiday, it was a bit of a shock to the system! we totally forgot that europe is literally on our doorstep, with venice just an hour and 45 minute flight! 
i had been to venice when i was quite young with my parents but nick had never been before and i couldn't wait to show him this floating city. a city with no cars, colourfully character filled buildings and canals at the turn of every corner. now february probably isn't most peoples choice for the time of year to visit venice, but despite the cold, it was much less crowded with tourists, incredible sunsets and more excuses to warm up with a hot coffee and pastry!
our first few days were spent taking pictures at every corner we turned! its so breathtaking when you first arrive, such a colourful city and the water looks so blue and inviting! 
the famous bridge of sighs, which with a visitor ticket into the Doge's palace you get to walk across this bridge, from the palace over to the old prison!
we didn't do that great a job at tasting lots of gelato...i think we had two ice creams whilst we were there, but it was pretty darn cold! we spent plenty of time trying new pastries, drinking coffee and indulging in pasta and pizza. food was pretty expensive, especially near st marks square but we found some great little places in some of the local neighbourhoods. we especially enjoyed the cannaregio neighbourhood. 
one of the things we loved about venice was just wondering and getting lost around the city, finding little corners like this....where hanging clothes is so much a part of venice's character. 
one day when we managed to get well and truly lost we found ourselves inside venice's hospital! when we eventually found our way out we walked out onto the dock for these ambulances....i guess it was the equivalent of the a&e entrance?!   
can you spot my little map man finding his way?!

Sunday, February 15, 2015


for this weeks 'valentine' brunch spot (yeah, we missed a few weeks..not a good start!) we kept it local and headed to granary square (which if you've never been you should totally check out this area) at the back of kings cross on the banks of regents canal to the grain store. when we take a walk along the canal we tend to always stop off at caravan which is just next door, but seeing as this series is all about discovering new places we thought we should take a few extra steps to cross the threshold of grain store instead!
nick had baked beans, scrambled eggs and toulouse sausage...nick tends to chose the closest thing to a cooked breakfast that each place has!
i had the seeded scone with vegemite whipped butter, smoked salmon and scrambled egg. i could have done with a bit more moistness as the scone was fairly dry but it was still delicious.
we totally over-induldged and shared some sweet potato donuts for desert. these were pretty delicious and thankfully didn't taste like sweet potatoes at all, unlike my sweet potato brownies i attempted to make last weekend!
you know its a trendy place when they place your bill inside of something, a book, a matchbox..this time it was a wooden pear....naturally.
we loved the feel of this place, pretty relaxed, with kitchen utensils hanging as decoration. i especially loved the massive windows, it almost felt like you were outside on the terrace.
another great brunch find that is so close to where we live. but...i have to stay i'm still dreaming of those massive, fluffy american pancakes from the last place!

Monday, February 2, 2015


three summers ago nick and i watched an outdoor movie up on the rooftop at the queen of hoxton. we sat amongst the east london skyline on canvas chairs, snuggled in giant blankets and watching a projected movie, listening through headphones, it was a pretty fun night.
well...the other weekend we returned to find that it had been transformed into a woodland winter wonderland with open fires, a giant tipi and toadstools!

we sat next to the open fire, toasting marshmallows. nick washed his down with an 'egg snog' from a tin can, and for me, i warmed up with a 'hot buttered rum'. it was such a lovely way to spend a cold january night.
i have to say my favourite part was sitting next to the fire. i just love that smell, it brings back so many childhood memories of being outdoors on cold winter nights, keeping warm beside the fire. the best bit was how the smell permeated into our coats and hair and the 'outdoor fire' smell lingered for a few days longer, it was bliss.
isn't it just dreamy? a great idea though, turn your rooftop into a cozy woodland for winter!