Saturday, February 21, 2015


 just over two weeks ago we returned from 4 nights in the beautiful venice. it was the first time in what felt like forever where we had to change up some money and learn a few new words to prepare for our holiday, it was a bit of a shock to the system! we totally forgot that europe is literally on our doorstep, with venice just an hour and 45 minute flight! 
i had been to venice when i was quite young with my parents but nick had never been before and i couldn't wait to show him this floating city. a city with no cars, colourfully character filled buildings and canals at the turn of every corner. now february probably isn't most peoples choice for the time of year to visit venice, but despite the cold, it was much less crowded with tourists, incredible sunsets and more excuses to warm up with a hot coffee and pastry!
our first few days were spent taking pictures at every corner we turned! its so breathtaking when you first arrive, such a colourful city and the water looks so blue and inviting! 
the famous bridge of sighs, which with a visitor ticket into the Doge's palace you get to walk across this bridge, from the palace over to the old prison!
we didn't do that great a job at tasting lots of gelato...i think we had two ice creams whilst we were there, but it was pretty darn cold! we spent plenty of time trying new pastries, drinking coffee and indulging in pasta and pizza. food was pretty expensive, especially near st marks square but we found some great little places in some of the local neighbourhoods. we especially enjoyed the cannaregio neighbourhood. 
one of the things we loved about venice was just wondering and getting lost around the city, finding little corners like this....where hanging clothes is so much a part of venice's character. 
one day when we managed to get well and truly lost we found ourselves inside venice's hospital! when we eventually found our way out we walked out onto the dock for these ambulances....i guess it was the equivalent of the a&e entrance?!   
can you spot my little map man finding his way?!


  1. Lovely photos and warm description of your trip!
    Love to return to Venice

    1. Thanks Ana, its such an incredible city isn't it?!

  2. Lovely lovely pics Lizzie, I want to go to Venice now even more! Part 2 please x

    1. Thanks Kate...has it persuaded Wills yet? will get on to part 2!