Saturday, March 29, 2014


there is always an art installation at madison square park and  the other night we took a look at the parks most recent installation 'this land is your land' by ivan navarro.  three water towers stand within one of the grassy areas reflecting neon signs infintaely up into the towers. we stood for quite a while just gazing up, there was something quite mesmerising about them, especially the ladder. this has to be one of my favourites so far, definitely worth a visit when its dark.

Friday, March 21, 2014


did you ever used to read animal ark? you know, 'kittens in the kitchen', 'goat in the garden', 'pony on the porch'? well we have our very own 'kitty in the sink!' oli has always loved spending his spare time in the sink. all snuggled up and looking so cute. i find him just the sweetest when he's in there. those little ears peaking over the sink to see what i'm up to. he no longer looks so lost and tiny in there though, he now pretty much fills the bowl. but he still does his little chirrup when you go over to him to give him a little snuggle. 

Monday, March 17, 2014


1. the birthday boy in his birthday onesie
2. 'i like big butts and i cannot lie'
3. matching crocodiles and cakes
4. wine school. four wines. two white. two red. artisan water and a bowl of chips
5. surprise
6. aroma wheel
7. classmates
8. swirl and smell
9. the classroom
10. friends
11. wine successfully tasted
12. fish mouth
13. post wine tasting ice cream giggles
14. chocolate and chocolate chip in a waffle cone
15. ceiling views
16. more fish
17. she wanted scallops. she got swordfish. she liked it.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


i've been so inspired by so many of my new yorker friends recently, their motivation and drive in life and work. and so last week i started a 21 day challenge after reading an article that said if you have healthy habits in your 20's you're far more likely to be healthy for the rest of your life. i have 5 more years left of my 20's, thats 5 years to kickstart some healthy habits.

so for 21 days i have decided to take 3 little steps to a healthier lifestyle, 3 new daily rhythms, hoping to form some habits after the 21 days are up.

1. water.  i'm trying to drink a little more water each day, gulping down a glass when i first wake up, another few over lunch, before bed. i'm aiming for 8 glasses a day, not always reaching that target but its just a little step towards hydrating more frequently with water.

2. oranges. i've started squeezing an orange each morning for juice before breakfast. it. is. amazing.  so much better than shop bought and so refreshing. no going back now on this one, this one is well and truly a habit.

3. morning exercise routine. since i don't start work until the afternoon i have been a little lazy in the mornings and so i've been carving a habit by getting up out of bed at 7am each morning (apart from sunday) and exercising. i have to admit that i'm surprised how quickly its taken me to get used to this, waking before my alarm, obviously not raring to exercise, but maybe that will come later? or is that just wishful thinking?!

so those are my small steps to some healthy habits. i started last week whilst nick was away in tokyo. it went really well. i didn't fail once and loved the sense of accomplishment which i'm hoping will spear me forward into week 2. week 2, the real test, i'm no longer motivated by the excitement of a challenge, i have to get out of bed when nick's still lying there all comfy and warm. exercising whilst he's still sleeping. i thought sharing my 21 day journey on here may well help to keep me accountable.......


*warning, this post contains a lot of meat, not for the faint hearted vegetarian*

the other week nicks sister, cat, and husband, chris, visited for cats surprise birthday present (isn't that just the bestest birthday surprise?! well done chris!) we had a great time with some great food, including katz's deli. 
we arrived on a sunday lunch time, probably not the best time to go, but we did it. we queued, actually the guys queued, well more of elbowed their way to the front and finally returned with the most delicious roast beef sandwich i've ever had. 

 this was the queue for the sandwiches on the right, note the lack of order to the queue!

table essentials

i so wish there was someone i could 'send a salami' to!
i LOVE this picture. the men return after their fight to the front of the counter!
and here it is in all its rugged glory.
here goes.....
excited face

why bother with these?! who even eats them? we came for the meat.

for those that were not so good at finishing there were doggy bags!