Tuesday, March 11, 2014


i've been so inspired by so many of my new yorker friends recently, their motivation and drive in life and work. and so last week i started a 21 day challenge after reading an article that said if you have healthy habits in your 20's you're far more likely to be healthy for the rest of your life. i have 5 more years left of my 20's, thats 5 years to kickstart some healthy habits.

so for 21 days i have decided to take 3 little steps to a healthier lifestyle, 3 new daily rhythms, hoping to form some habits after the 21 days are up.

1. water.  i'm trying to drink a little more water each day, gulping down a glass when i first wake up, another few over lunch, before bed. i'm aiming for 8 glasses a day, not always reaching that target but its just a little step towards hydrating more frequently with water.

2. oranges. i've started squeezing an orange each morning for juice before breakfast. it. is. amazing.  so much better than shop bought and so refreshing. no going back now on this one, this one is well and truly a habit.

3. morning exercise routine. since i don't start work until the afternoon i have been a little lazy in the mornings and so i've been carving a habit by getting up out of bed at 7am each morning (apart from sunday) and exercising. i have to admit that i'm surprised how quickly its taken me to get used to this, waking before my alarm, obviously not raring to exercise, but maybe that will come later? or is that just wishful thinking?!

so those are my small steps to some healthy habits. i started last week whilst nick was away in tokyo. it went really well. i didn't fail once and loved the sense of accomplishment which i'm hoping will spear me forward into week 2. week 2, the real test, i'm no longer motivated by the excitement of a challenge, i have to get out of bed when nick's still lying there all comfy and warm. exercising whilst he's still sleeping. i thought sharing my 21 day journey on here may well help to keep me accountable.......

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