Tuesday, March 11, 2014


*warning, this post contains a lot of meat, not for the faint hearted vegetarian*

the other week nicks sister, cat, and husband, chris, visited for cats surprise birthday present (isn't that just the bestest birthday surprise?! well done chris!) we had a great time with some great food, including katz's deli. 
we arrived on a sunday lunch time, probably not the best time to go, but we did it. we queued, actually the guys queued, well more of elbowed their way to the front and finally returned with the most delicious roast beef sandwich i've ever had. 

 this was the queue for the sandwiches on the right, note the lack of order to the queue!

table essentials

i so wish there was someone i could 'send a salami' to!
i LOVE this picture. the men return after their fight to the front of the counter!
and here it is in all its rugged glory.
here goes.....
excited face

why bother with these?! who even eats them? we came for the meat.

for those that were not so good at finishing there were doggy bags!


  1. I loved Katz! The sandwiches are amazing but the queue and chaos was a bit intimidating. I also didn't let the gherkin and cucumber to go waste!

  2. Yes its crazily chaotic, but totally worth it! Good to see not all gherkins go to waste!!