Sunday, February 23, 2014


one rather pivotal thing happened when we moved to new york. i discovered pinterest. 

i've always loved crafts. i remember spending most of my childhood making things. i think the best bit was the sense of accomplishment after crafting something with my own hands. unfortunately i used to be so impatient that i would look forward to the finished project rather than the process of making and so most of my crafts never turned out as expected! i'd neglect to plan and then miss vital steps in an attempt to finish as quickly as possible, ending up with a malfunctioning pencil pot, a wonky blanket or a cushion cover with no opening to get the cushion in! 

but then i became an adult, life got busy, i had studying to do, a social life and my craftiness fizzled. isn't it funny how creativity is so easily sacrificed when we get busy?

so i ended up in new york, with a lot of time and a tonne of pinspiration, and suddenly it was like i was catching up on lost years of crafting. i would churn out several craft projects a day, bean bags, table mats, napkins, cushions, scarves....... poor nick would arrive home and he would have to 'ooo' and 'ahhhh' at my days work. but then life got busy again and yet again my creativity fell by the wayside.

i'm finally finding a balance, taking time out to be inspired and channel my craftiness. 

and so here is one of my most recent projects. a teepee for our church sunday school. it was not a project for the faint hearted! as usual i veered away from instructions pretty early on and kind of just figured it out as i went along! anyway, many blisters later and its finally finished. i'm pretty pleased with the results. so was oli!

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