Monday, February 3, 2014


yesterday we celebrated the superbowl with friends at a superbowl party. i didn't actually end up watching much of the game as i was nattering away! but i did learn a thing or two. apparently the commercials that run during the super bowl are meant to be a highlight as its a pretty big deal to score some airing space during the game as you can imagine. so they pull out all the stops to make sure theirs is the most memorable. you can actually watch a run down of the top ten commercials here

i have to say that nyc pulled out all the stops for this superbowl. as i mentioned in this post, on saturday evening nick and i left the house and headed to times square. it. was. mental. i struggled with the crowds, but i'm glad we went to see what it was all about. there was a large toboggan run which i was dying to go on, but with the cold and the queues i was quite easily swayed not to. there were freebies, a tonne of news crews, gospel concerts and food carts. 
now you can sit from the comfort of your own home and look at our pictures, of which i went to great crowdal danger to get!
oh...and the seahawks won! whoop whoop!

this nyc souvenir shop basically covered their sign for the week and became a 'super bowl fan store'! what a joke!

this was an incredible gospel choir. amazing sounds.

the toboggan. just look at those crowds. there were queues all round the back and up the stairs to the slide!

kick a ball for fun

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