Sunday, February 2, 2014


today its the super bowl. and its a pretty big deal, not just because its football (of the american kind, of course) but because its the first year its being held in new york, the home stadium of the new york giants. which technically is in new jersey, a whole other state, but new york have claimed it as theirs!
theres a lot of excitement about this and new york have pulled out all the stops. broadway has been pedestrianised and theres all sorts of attractions, including a toboggan run! more of that in a later post.

before christmas i got to go to my first football game! not only was it to watch the giants play, but also in their stadium, the one where the super bowl is being played today. because we got tickets through nick's work we got to experience the game in style, in a booth, with food and drink all laid out for us. i'm not that much into football, its quite a slow game, constantly stopping and starting, plus i dont really understand the rules....but, i LOVED the atmosphere! the hype, the cheers, the advertisments, the food it was so much fun!  
unfortunately the giants were annhilated by the sea hawks, but seeing as the seahawks made it to the super bowl i guess its thats who i'll be gunning for today, just to justify the giants loss!

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