Monday, February 10, 2014


i mentioned earlier last year that i seem to have lost all sense of how much things cost. it used to feel like nyc was super expensive...that was until my friend came to visit the end of january. 
you see she taught me a clever little trick to convert dollars to pounds, and it turns out that things aren't half as expensive as i think! 
before, when converting to sterling, i would half the amount and add a bit....ever so scientific and accurate i'm sure you'll agree! BUT my friend showed me a fail proof method.
divide the amount by ten and then times by six. easy. 
i'm really enjoying this new found freedom in my spending! in fact just this morning i went for coffee with a friend. i bought a hot chocolate and coffee for $5 total, which is an incredible £3. bargain!

*also how cute is this picture of nick. taken in wiliamsburg in the fall (hence the lack of extra bulk we seem to have to adorn daily at the moment)*

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