Sunday, February 15, 2015


for this weeks 'valentine' brunch spot (yeah, we missed a few weeks..not a good start!) we kept it local and headed to granary square (which if you've never been you should totally check out this area) at the back of kings cross on the banks of regents canal to the grain store. when we take a walk along the canal we tend to always stop off at caravan which is just next door, but seeing as this series is all about discovering new places we thought we should take a few extra steps to cross the threshold of grain store instead!
nick had baked beans, scrambled eggs and toulouse sausage...nick tends to chose the closest thing to a cooked breakfast that each place has!
i had the seeded scone with vegemite whipped butter, smoked salmon and scrambled egg. i could have done with a bit more moistness as the scone was fairly dry but it was still delicious.
we totally over-induldged and shared some sweet potato donuts for desert. these were pretty delicious and thankfully didn't taste like sweet potatoes at all, unlike my sweet potato brownies i attempted to make last weekend!
you know its a trendy place when they place your bill inside of something, a book, a matchbox..this time it was a wooden pear....naturally.
we loved the feel of this place, pretty relaxed, with kitchen utensils hanging as decoration. i especially loved the massive windows, it almost felt like you were outside on the terrace.
another great brunch find that is so close to where we live. but...i have to stay i'm still dreaming of those massive, fluffy american pancakes from the last place!

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