Saturday, March 23, 2013


we took sunday morning slow and got out the house at midday where we meandered up to the top of the rock to admire the new york skyline, which i never get bored of and is even more satisfying now we know more iconic buildings.

when people come to stay they often ask whether they should go up the empire state or the rockafella. until sunday, nick and i had only done the empire state, but we were told by people that had done both that the rockafella was the one to go for as you have better views of the park and the empire state.  now we have done both i feel better equipped to have an opinion on this...but thats for another post.

the afternoon and evening involved, lots of walking, church, leftovers and a game of table tennis. yes, can you believe it? we played table tennis in our tiny manhattan apartment. i gave nick a 'table' table tennis set for his birthday and so we set up our kitchen table for the event. it was so much fun.

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