Thursday, January 8, 2015


8 days late but here goes anyway...happy new year to one and all! i hope you all had a lovely christmas and a fun new year.
i was working a lot this christmas but we got to head to wales to spend a 'pre-christmas' with my family,...all 11 of us, including our 2 nieces and nephew! it was our first time all back at home in such a long time and was so different.... with kids around everything changes, no more lie-ins, no more midday naps, no more late night movies! despite the early starts and incessant frozen watching we did  it was so much fun..tiring...but fun! we then headed to kent for christmas with nick's family which involved a rather muddy walk, lots of games and falling asleep whilst watching films....mmm...the best feeling! 

we bought in the new year on a friends london balcony with the most incredible views over london. we got to 'ooo' and 'ahhh' at all the fireworks as they adorned london's skyline sky, it was rather spectacular!

last year nick and i started a new tradition that we plan on doing our whole life. we wrote  down our goals, desires and prayers for the year ahead before sealing them up in an envelope.
opening that envelope and reading through lasts years goals was such a good way to reflect on the year we've just had. so many changes to our life happened in 2014, major life decisions, major accomplishments and so much growth. we may not have ticked off everything on that list but we sure made a good dent in that list and saw so many prayers answered.
starting the year with intention helps us to really focus in on what we want to see happen. we're dreaming big for 2015...sow match this space!  

but anyway...some snapshots of christmas festivities....

//early morning snuggles with nain and taid//
//these two....josiah was obsessed with my dad, it was just the cutest thing ever. //
//i mean...just look at her...//
//the interaction between josiah and arabella was just so darn cute, especially when they were both sat in their high chairs....they would pass food between one another! we would all just stop and stare at them communicating to each other//
//never have i seen anyone so happy at opening up a present of 'showroom shine'. now thats a real 'taid' present!//
//a lot of frozen toys were opened this year by beatrice-she was delighted!//
//'helping' uncle will open up his presents!//
//poor arabella got a little lost in all the wrapping!//
//nick bought me a new camera lens for christmas and so i had great fun taking pictures of everyone!//
//fselfie stick face timing!//

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