Sunday, January 18, 2015


we've been asked what we miss most about nyc and included in our over emotional answer is 'brunching'. the weekend brunch date. slow, lazy weekend mornings where you linger in bed for extra long, before rocking up to some hipster, quirky brunch spot to stuff yourselves with the best food in town. eggs benedict, pancakes or huevos ranchero all washed down with a refillable coffee.  mmmmm.

instead of moaning about this weekend tradition that nick and i miss so much we've decided to embark on a brunch journey around london, blogging along the way. we're hoping to find the best brunch spots in and around london.

so we kicked off our first sunday brunch morning with a pretty killer place. we headed up regents canal to camden where we discovered 'the blues kitchen'. from the outside this place didn't look much, but inside was a little gem. an industrial style diner, with old fire extingusihers, edison bulbs and blues artwork. i had the best pancakes of my life whilst nick had an american breakfast which included said pancakes! this place is going to be hard to beat!

nick's american breakfast that included a side of 2 pancakes. he managed just one pancake.
bacon and maple syrup pancakes. the fluffiest, most heavenly pancakes ever. i managed to finish just two out of my three, but don't worry i finished the bacon, which is what you pay for according to nick!
i took this picture to prove to nick that he does indeed have dimples and while we at it, those lines around his eyes....nearly as good as those pancakes....nearly!

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