Tuesday, January 13, 2015


i was not sure about getting a cat initially. i had reservations about buying a cat in new york and then the hassle and cost of having to bring it back to the uk at some point, the hassle of finding someone to look after the cat when we went away...i had lots of excuses. but as soon as nick took me into the cattery at the animal adoption centre i was won over. yes, it cost us a fair amount to bring him over to the uk (equivalent to the cost of a seat on the flight!), yes it can be a slight pain when we go away and yes he does ruin the furniture...but none of that really matters becasue of the joy that he brings is so worth it all.....

reasons to love cats....
(well actually it should probably read 'reasons we love oli'.....)

oli loves a good snuggle. when he was a kitten he would give the most spectacular face hugs, with his paws wrapped around your chin and huddle up as close as possible. the best bit is that recently oli has started sleeping UNDER the covers with us at night time! he starts off by my feet (much to nicks annoyance...'why does he want you? i'm the one who cleans out his litter!) and slowly makes his way up towards the pillows as the night draws on. i woke the other night and there he was lying on his side, head on the pillow with his lower half tucked under the covers, peacefully asleep!

 oli loves to greet us when we get home. as soon as you walk through the door, oli is at your feet, rolling over and stretching out in front of you in complete surrender. if you happen to neglect this demonstration of affection he will stalk you, climb your leg or chirrup until you have given him an adequate snuggle.

i've mentioned before how much oli loves water and the especially the shower. in our new flat we have more of a wet room than a separate shower and oli is in kitty heaven. he is always present whilst we shower, slowly disappearing behind the fog of the shower screen. he'll just sit waiting expectantly for his favourite part of shower time. the shower scraper. as the water droplets accelerate down the screen he darts around the bathroom trying to chase them.

i joke that nick has certain 'cries', much like a baby. he has a unique cry/mood for when he is hungry, tired or sad, i'm pretty quick at distinguishing one from the other now and so can rectify the problem before all hell brakes loose! oli is very similar, instead of verbal cries oli has certain behaviours....
when oli is hungry and his food bowl is empty, he will either go and help himself from his bag of food left on the counter top, or knock it onto the floor where it lands with a great thud before one by one his small pellets of food scatter across the floor.
if oli wants his litter changing he will go to the spare bag of litter we have and claw at the paper bag until the white pebbles cascade out, he will then proceed to play with these, pouncing on them and flicking them across the room.

when he wants to play he struts over to his toy basket, picks out his toy of choice and trots back to place it at your feet/in your lap/on the computer you are working from. each toy means a different type of game depending on his mood. his mouse means hunting, pouncing games and his ball means fetch games. but theres one toy that is his favourite. its his santa hat and scarf that he was given last christmas. he LOVES this outfit for some reason and will make sure that it is always nearby. i'll often find him trotting around the house dragging his santa scarf along with him no matter the season!

when oli wants some attention he'll often come and lie next to you and just place a paw on your leg or arm. this generally happens whilst at the computer. his little paw will gently and affectionally rest on your hand as he looks up at you with his mischievous eyes and handsome face, just asking for some loving! i mean how can you resist that sweet gesture?!  other times he'll just jump onto your back and hang out for a while!

i realise that not all cats are like oli, he is one of a kind and we often feel that he behaves like a dog, with his loyalty, his companionship and his little mannerisms. i never realised a cat could be so loving and affectionate yet so playful and fun. best decision we ever made was to adopt little oli boy. 

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