Sunday, November 23, 2014


this week i've been missing new york like crazy. maybe it was this weeks episode of the apprentice? or maybe it was london city that grated on me? london has the habit of doing that.... 

it might be the rain, the incessant rain. it never stops. or maybe its the travelling, all the travelling. so much time wasted on the tube. the hot, stuffy, packed commuter tube. or maybe its all the bike stealing. i've had my fair share of stolen bike wheels, stolen bike seats, but this week had my whole bike stolen. all of it. it was all gone. they didn't even leave a wheel! 

but seeing as its thanksgiving next week here are just a few things i'm thankful for in this new city....

-the neighbourhood we live in. we've had some weekends exploring, taking walks along the canal, trying some local restaurants, running in regents park, making friends with our new neighbours.....

-our new flat. one where we can stand up without hitting our head-no more sloped ceilings!

-living close to our family again meaning we can spend more time together and have fun spoiling our nieces and nephews.

-my new job, where i'm learning so much, i walk to work (which is pretty useful considering i can't cycle anymore!) and get nhs discount again!

its far too easy to fall into the trap of complaining about everything we dislike here in london, comparing it to our life in new york, especially as as our time there drifts further into the past. but this is a new season, a time for new challenges, new triumphs, new things to learn. we're having to make active choices at times to embrace it, to be thankful for it and excited for all that it holds. we're chasing those dreams we so boldly dreamt back in nyc, slowly putting one foot in front of the other, walking them out in the mundane day to day. its not easy, but this is a new season and i'm thankful for it. 

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