Sunday, November 16, 2014


looking for somewhere to live when we moved back from nyc was quite a task. one of things that we loved about new york was living within the same neighbourhood that we went to church and where many of our friends lived, it was like our own community, which was so refreshing in such a crazy and transient city.
london on the other hand spans such a vast area that it can be very difficult to feel grounded as it feels that you spend so much time travelling across the city from neighbourhood to neighbourhood.

moving to london we were desperate to set ourselves up to live more in community; living, working and going to church within a smaller radius; to really be able to put down roots.

after a rather disillusioning month of flat hunting we eventually walked into a newly refurbished basement studio flat in kings cross, st pancras and were moved in within two weeks. we had great fun getting creative with the layout of our studio and it was rather enlightening for me to see nicks creative side and it turns out i don't always know best, that in fact nick has some pretty good ideas when it comes to making our flat a home!

kings cross is definitely up and coming, but isn't everywhere?! theres a tonne of regeneration that has happened in this area over the past few years with google offices soon to be moving in! theres some great restaurants we want to try and regents canal that leads to regency park.

we're still getting to grips with our new neighbourhood and flat but for now heres a sneak peek
into our new life...enjoy.......