Sunday, August 18, 2013


we spent the next 3 days in yosemite national park. we loved yosemite, hence the number of photos. the drive to yosemite valley, where we were staying, was just stunning. nick said it was the drive of his life! 

this was our first sighting of a bear! thankfully we were in the car and saw it on the side of the road. he looks a little scraggly doesn't he?

this is yosemite falls, formed by fresh snow melting.

we went on this incredible hike up two waterfalls, vernal and nevada falls. it was a long, steep hike but so worth it. we even got to swim in the falls afterwards.

look, its a double rainbow.

in fact the walk down was worse than the walk up, bad on the knees.

we went for another walk the day after, on more of a flat trail, and a mother bear and two cubs walked onto the trail. while one couple of hikers clapped and shouted trying to scare the bears away nick grabbed the camera and apparently they are pictured here. i still haven't been able to spot them. but i saw the real life ones so i'm ok!

how james bond -esque is this place.
again, we rewarded our hiking efforts with a swim in the freezing waterfall pools. remember this is melted snow! it was pretty cold!

can you spot the two sets of waterfalls on the right of the picture - these are the waterfalls we hiked up to.
we watched the sunset over the incredible view of the half dome and yosemite valley from glacier point.

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