Friday, August 2, 2013


you can be forgiven for thinking that this month has been really busy due to the lack of blogging. well it has, kind of....we've been busy holidaying and relaxing.
when we moved out to the usa we diecided to make the most of the time by travelling as much of the america as possible and after an incredibly stressful and intense 6 month work period we decided to take a 3 week road trip to california. 
and so over the next few weeks i'll be posting about our californian adventures if you fancy joining in on our goes.

we started with an early morning stressful flight to las vegas. we're not used to just arriving at the airport and heading straight to the boarding gate and so we were a little bit shocked when we were in the queue for some breakfast and the final boarding call for our flight was being called. typically our gate was the other side of the airport and so we ran as fast and hard as we could and apologised profusely to the staff trying to convince them we werent normally like this!

we spent 3 nights in vegas, which to be honest was probably a bit too long for us. for those that haven't been vegas is basically one road of themed hotels, from paris with its eiffel tower, to venice with its canal system and even new york complete with roller coaster. it was amazing to experience vegas and the hotels were pretty impressive but we couldn't help thinking.... why wouldn't you just go to Paris and experience the culture and see the sights first hand instead of all this fakery.

when i saw these ladies sat at the bar i was outraged. i said to nick ' you can't go out in public wearing that!' then i realised, they're bar stools! fantastic aren't they?

there was a heat wave in nevada whilst we were there and so temperatures were up to 50C which was not fun, and certainly not tanning weather! it was a dry heat, unlike nyc's humid heat, so felt like opening an oven door after a run, thankfully vegas is more of an indoor holidaying destination and so we were able to stay cool under the air conditioning all day.

the famous fountains at the belaggio were pretty impressive

we went to see a cirque de soleil show one evening which was just incredible. it was stunning watching the strength of the performers, making everything look easy, so much so that when back at the hotel i started practising my handstands! if i could start over again i think i'd be in the circus, such fun!

the gardens in the belaggio

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