Tuesday, August 27, 2013


from san francisco we meandered down highway one which takes you all along the coast to los angeles. we stopped along the way at monterey and spent a few day in santa barbara. santa barbara was another air bnb find. we stayed in a couples converted out building in their garden and not only did the couple welcome us in so well, they gave us the key to their private beach and let us use their surf boards. just one of the reasons air bnb is so good!

driving south from san francisco we were so surprised at the amount of fog. sometimes driving along the coast we couldnt even see the sea yet it was right next to us.

i cant quite remember where this was but we were driving and stopped to see what all the commotion was as there were crowds of people having pulled over in a lay by on the side of the road. i walked out to see what they were all gawping out and spotted this seal on the shore, totally missing all the other seals, mistaking them for rocks. the amount of blubber on that beach was incredible. when one seal moved there was a blubber ripple across all the seals. amazing site.

then we spotted dolphins! about 6 of them serenely diving through the water....you may need a telescope to spot them in this picture though - i didnt have a big enough lens to zoom!

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