Thursday, August 8, 2013


next stop, lone pine. a tiny town in inyo county. lone pine has been put on the map because of the alabama hills to the west, many the setting of a good western movie. we stayed in this quaint, old school hotel where john wayne once stayed! i met a lady who had been living in the hotel for 6 months, she was a writer. that was the sort of place it was. she showed me round the hotel telling me the best bathrooms to use. it was useful.

there wasn't much happening in lone pine, but there didn't need to be, i mean just take a look at that view! it was breathtaking. the number of photos that ended up on the camera of this view was impressive, but we just couldn't get enough of it.

we took a drive up to whitney portal, a waterfall nearby. to be honest the waterfall wasn't too impressive, but the drive up was stunning. 

obligatory driving picture. 

on the way, well actually we thought this was the final destination (it wasn't), we stopped at this wooded campsite where the air was cool, finally, and we had our first sighting of a 'bear bin' which is a bear proof locker to store all your food. we didn't hang around long after that, the prospect of wild bears was pretty scary. 

we even had rain. never had i been so happy to see rain, but after death valley who could blame me!  we stopped and got out to run around in tit and saw the waterfall, the blur in the background of this photo!

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