Tuesday, December 10, 2013


this weekend was probably one of my favourites. we've been getting really busy with work and life recently so we took saturday out to just have fun. heres our saturday in pictures......

nick was super romantic and told me during the week that he wanted to take me out for breakfast before all of new york wakes up! now the idea of waking up early on a saturday might not be romantic, but the fact that nick would sacrifice his lazy saturday morning for me was super romantic. so all before 8:30 we were up and out breakfasting at the 'grey dog'.

isn't it just the best? nick comes here every wednesday morning before work to meet with some guy friends from church and is always on about how great this place is. i love that he wanted to show it off to me!

we chatted, ate a scrummy breakfast and played scrabble! needless to say nick won, but i gave him a good run for his money and he only won by 7 points! well played, well played!

we popped into the pet shop on the way home and ended up in a playpen sitting on stools playing with a fluff ball puppy!

we were diverted one final time by the christmas tree stands on the side of the road and bartered with a 10 year old for a metre tall tree!
nick was ever so strong and carried this heavy tree all the way home!

the decorating took all of 5 minutes, even with a rather intrigued kitty! but it was fun with the christmas music on and hot apple cider in hand.

oh, and the obligatory fairy light fixing also took place!

after our lazy afternoon of snoozing and decorating we carb-ed out on bread and pasta for dinner whilst watching bridget jones' diary. that film bought back so many teenager memories. its a great christmas movie!

we also got to snuggle with oli. don't you just love the way that he crosses his arms over like this. he does it all the time and its just the cutest!

p.s im so excited for christmas. theres something about new york that makes christmas all the more magical and exciting, it might be all the lights and the big rockefella christmas tree, or the christmas tree stands on the side of the road...but new york really knows how to do christmas!

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