Sunday, December 22, 2013


this post is far too long overdue, and i've finally found some time to sit down and write it....

something very exciting happened in our family 2 weeks ago and seeing as its been so hard living across the atlantic at this time i felt entitled to share it with everyone on this here small blog! 
on the 11/12/13 (for any americans...12/11/13, which doesn't have quite the same ring to it!) i gained a new love in my life. my brave brave sister gave birth to their second child, a gorgeous little boy, josiah william. 

my niece, beatrice (featured here) is now a big sister and i'm so excited to see her take on this new role, showing josiah the ways of the world, learning to assert her big sisterly authority, burning off their energy together and caring for each other. my brother in law can induct his son in the world of football,  how to play (although beatrice is already pretty good, she has a mean kick!) and the trials and tribulations of chelsea football club. my sister can dress her child up in baby braces and bow ties, although to be honest that is probably more of my desire than my sisters! 

i so enjoy watching my niece grow up into a little young lady and can't wait to see josiah grow into a young man. 

for those of you interested in his name, josiah, means 'the lord heals' which is very meaningful to my sister and brother in law. 

we're so sad that we haven't met you yet josiah, but we cannot wait to have big cuddles with you one day and spoil you rotten! so heres to you josiah, welcome to this world. love from auntie lizzie and uncle nick.

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