Tuesday, December 3, 2013


i'm a little late in posting this, but last thursday was thanksgiving. this was our second thanksgiving in the city, last year we watched the macy's thanksgiving parade which was just outside our apartment at the time. we then went for a thanksgiving meal at our church.

this year we decided to go and see the macy's thanksgiving balloons being blown up the night before thanksgiving. it was fun seeing all the balloons that we recognised from last year. then on thanksgiving we had dinner with friends at their apartment where we got to taste traditional delicacies such as sweet potato mash with grilled marshmallow topping!

this year i'm so thankful for friends that we've made since being in nyc. friends that have invited us to be their friends. friends that have made living here so much more fun. friends that have shown us how to live well in nyc despite all the sacrifices of the city. friends that have even taken on some of our british words. friends who have loved us so well and friends that we will be so sad to leave when we move back. 

diary of a wimpy kid

can you imagine living in one of those apartments? a rather surreal view!

and heres a few snaps from last y ears parade-i presume its the same each year!!

have you heard about 'elf on the shelf'? he's a little ornament that comes out at christmas and sits on your shelf, but each day leading up to christmas he moves around the house, and the kids have a fun time finding him each morning in a new place!

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