Sunday, September 1, 2013


2 monumental things happened this weekend.
1. i actually started taking a liking to family guy. after 5 years of resisting despite nick persisting i actually laughed at a joke and found myself singing the tune. uh oh. slippery slope. 
2. i started enjoying talking about business. well...kind of. we went to see the new Steve Jobs film that is just out over here and despite the fact he may not have been the easiest man to work with, his relentless passion and vision to create products that pushed the boundaries was incredible. he has made a real dent in the world by creating products that have changed the way we live, and he did it through keeping people doing what they were good at...the best engineers kept enginering, the best designers kept designing, not climbing up the ladder to become a manager and do less and less of the craft they excel at. so i've been you tubing apple and steve jobs in my free time, its fascinating. geek.

so anyway, smaller news from this weekend is that we got to tick off a day out from our wish list. we took the free 4 minute ferry (now theres a tongue twister) ride to governors island. there was a fair, free kayaking, some dabbling of unicycling, a fort, cannons and downtown views. all in all an excellent day out, aside from the heat and humidity...dont let the grey clouds decieve you!

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