Wednesday, September 11, 2013


when planning this trip we realised that we would be the closest we would probably ever get to the 50th state, hawaii, our dream destination so we just had to take a visit!
we spent our last few days relaxing on the island of oahu. it was so good to unwind and relax from all that driving and the constant feeling we had to move on to our next destination. hawaii was just the sort of place where you can unwind and take things slower, a lot slower in fact.
when we first set foot on the beach it was just like the truman show in that it was so perfect, almost too perfect. the sea so blue and clear, the waves slow and rolling, the sand so golden, the sun so hot, it felt man made and like we were indoors! 

we spent a lot of time on the beach, we surfed, we hiked and we snorkelled. deciding to take a surfing lesson we signed up and was taken by our instructor straight into the water where we were told to get onto the boards and swim out. further out int the sea where we were twizzled around and told to start paddling, then as he gave us an almighty shove and we were taken with the wave we heard his screach in the distance to 'stand up'. and that we did (we'd had lessons before and so knew the basics, plus these boards were so long that anyone could have stood up and run the entire length of the board and still be standing by the time the wave had rolled into the shore!). this went on for about 10 minutes until i could feel nick's feathers start to ruffle at the lack on instruction we were getting. so as nick started pestering for some technical pointers he began moaning to me about how nick would never be a good surfer because he worried too much instead of just getting up on the board and going with it, how we tourists would never learn to surf, we could never learn in one lesson, it would take 10 years to learn and we'd have to live near the beach anyway so there was no hope for us! but don't worry hawaii, that didn't put us off you, youre still our favourite, well...jointly with yosemite.

we went hiking up diamond head a 'volcanic tuff cone'. which in the real world was a volcanic crater with incredible views up top! 

that sea, its was just so blue!

this was where we went snorkelling, to hanauma bay. we'd had a safety talk beforehand about not touching the coral so i was rather neurotic when my leg kept scraping against the coral as it was so shallow. at one point i even thought i heard the lifeguard telling us over the tannoy that we were too far out and i was sure that everyone on shore were all in standstill watching us in disgrace, so i screamed to nick to swim in, which he misheard for 'theres a shark'! lost in translation for sure. but all in all it was a fun day!

the nightlife was pretty wild in hawaii, guinea pigs dressed up as hula girls on a surf board.
this was the last stop of our immense trip and so also the last of these road trip adventures blog posts. so sad to end this journey as it feels like our trip is truly over now that i have finished recounting our adventure to you lovely readers. what do you say for some more adventures....?

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