Monday, September 16, 2013


this weekend we stayed at home and watched movies, it was quiet. but something exciting DID happen; the weather turned, finally! and so these are the things that made me happy this weekend.

- we didn't have the air conditioning or fan on
- i got to wear jeans 
- we sat under blankets whilst watching movies 
- we slept under the duvet cover for the first time since forever
- i had my first hot chocolate of the season
- we had our first pumpkin scone
- i had to put on socks
- i had a hot shower
- i got to ask nick to give me a hug (as you may have guessed i don't handle the heat well, and so when its hot i don't let anyone touch me. i won't hold hands with nick, let alone let him put his arm around me!)

don't you just love the fall (my best attempt at sounding american!)? i think its my favourite season. it not hot for one, you get to wear tights again, the crisp mornings are just the best and you get to drink lots of hot drinks. who doesn't love all of that??

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