Wednesday, October 2, 2013


this weekend we were pretty geeky and finished our 'america history tour (check out boston here and washington here)' in philadelphia. and its a good job we did because now all the places we visited this weekend are not open due to the american government shutting down because of funding disagreements! 
i didn't really know what to expect from philly, but we loved the old town and all its history, it was crazy to think that america's story started here. nick and i were both blown away by the fact that america took a massively bold move when they declared independence. they had no way of knowing it would work and it was still seen as an act of treason to defy the king so for those that publically signed the declaration it was a massive risk.
anyway, aside from all that we had fun exploring the other parts of the city, including running up the rocky steps and enjoying good food at reading market.

this building reminded me a lot of the chrysler hence the number of photos it features in!

these chocolate noses, ears and teeth totally appealed to me

after lunch we both craved a chocolate bar and so stood in a  gas station shop looking at the choice for ages. nothing. there was just nothing worthy to satisfy our craving. so nick, for the first time ever, branched out of his comfort zone and chose something he'd never tried. turns out this was just a milky bar! 

they were setting up for a night of opera at the liberty hall during the day and so we checked it out that evening. thankfully for nick it was free, because unfortunately i only lasted half an hour! 

one of the many rooms where the declaration and the constitution were debated

benjamin franklin's house.  

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