Tuesday, October 15, 2013


the last few days we have become truly inititated into new york living by the visitation of a tiny, furry friend....although i don't know why i say friend, he most definitely was not welcome in this house.

it all started on saturday morning when i discovered a small hole in a breakfast box that looked too suspicious to ignore. but it wasn't until saturday night when nick awoke to strange noises that he first caught sight of the little tike running under our fridge. and so, as you do in the early hours of the morning, nick grabbed his hockey stick and, attempted to stay awake, trying to lure it back out of hiding. but alas, i awoke 4 hours later to find nick asleep on the sofa, hugging the hockey stick to his chest and no sign of mousey.

next day after our night adventures we realise just how common an occurrence this is in the city. when i hear stories of two year infestations of cockroaches i start to feel grateful that we have just one tiny little mouse.

returning home on sunday evening i catch my first glimpse of mousey scurrying to take cover under the fridge. i'm ushered into the safety of the bedroom whilst nick, armed with his trusted hockey stick, tackles the poor frightened mouse from under the fridge. unfortunately he wasn't successful in his pursuit, but sherlock had figured out where the mouse came from and was hiding during the day. we have a sliding bathroom door and so the walls are hollow. we have also been having our roof replaced and live under the eaves, so we guessed this is how he had come to live within our bathroom walls!

that night we set our mouse traps but awoke to nothing the next morning. it wasn't until the early hours of this morning when our little adventure with mousey came to rather a dramatic end....

around 3am i woke to the sound of scurrying noises just outside our bedroom. i grabbed nick and he quietly got out of bed. he listened....there it was again and so he burst open the bedroom door and turned the light on, as if to stun the mouse. but he saw nothing...quite literally. where the mouse trap lay earlier in the evening, it was no longer. all i could hear from the bedroom was more scurrying and nick exclaiming 'oh no, oh no'. at this point i was wide awake and imagining the worst scenario...a sea of mice covering our apartment floor biting at nick's ankles!

but what had actually happened was that the mouse had got caught in the trap, (whoopee!) but still had full use of his legs and so during his final hours had decided to scurry, still attached to the trap, towards our bedroom, maybe to seek revenge, we will never know! so in the early hours of this morning the mouse rip'd and nick disposed of him so that i could wake to a pest free house. and so i just want to say, nick, you're my hero! thanks for diligently protecting me and our home from mousey, i love you!

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