Thursday, October 9, 2014


two weekends ago was my nieces third birthday. living in the same country and only an hour away meant i could come to her party! my sister did such an incredible job putting together a peter rabbit extravaganza for little beatrice. 4 cakes later and we were left with an amazing vegetable patch cake, complete with carrots, pumpkins, leeks and cabbages! the  party included a game of pass the parcel, sleeping bunnies and i even caught a cheeky birthday girl licking jelly from the jelly mould!!

giving presents to beatrice  this year was just the best because she was so excited by them! we bought her two little peter rabbit figurines (that she took everywhere with her including to bed!) and an ariel barbie doll. the excitement when she opened them was so sweet and then seeing her care and play with them was so delightful and these pictures capture the moment so well! 

oh...and lets not forget jossy, who was such a trooper the whole weekend, despite being sick. 

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