Monday, August 25, 2014


the last leg of our journey was to the bahamas with some friends on our first ever cruise ship. 
the first day we spent on a private island snorkelling in the clear bahamian seas where we spotted a squid. nick and i promptly swam away from it, whilst our floridian friends followed the squid and found a manta ray! it was then we realised that our natural habitat will always be cold rainy england and not the exotic seas of the bahamas!
the second day we spent in nassau, the capital of the bahamas where we met michael, our local tour guide who took us for a spin in his people carrier, let us taste sapodilla (tastes like pears and sweet potatoes!), found some sea urchins for us to hold and then dropped us off at atlantis. we quickly realised that we didn't have enough cash to get us back to the in true atlantis style we decided to make our fare home with a 25c that nick found in a slot machine. so with several 1c bets we managed to make $8, our cab ride back to the ship!

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