Thursday, June 26, 2014


'God may take us down paths we don't want to go, to places we never want to leave.'

i'm back after a pretty hefty absence from this blog. and i'm back with news. we are moving. moving to london. 

despite the fact that we came out to new york with a 20 month contract we always said that we would not move back to the uk just because 'our time was up'. so nearly six months ago we spent some time making a very difficult decision-what did we want the next season of our life to look like? we feel that london is the setting for this next season. we don't know what london has for us yet, we just feel called. the rest we are just trusting god for.

new york has been the setting for so much growth in our lives; we've learnt life lessons, made sacrifices, taken risks, dreamt big dreams and cried many a tear along the way, all within the most incredible community of friends. leaving this is so much more than just moving out of the city, we're ending an exceedingly pivotal chapter of our lives, a chapter that has changed our direction and started us on new paths we never dreamed of stepping foot down.

we're leaving new york city far richer than we left (not from a monetary perspective, new york certainly drains you of that!) and despite feeling totally overwhelmed with a tonne of emotions at my last day of work today we are excited about this next adventure, trusting with expectant hearts. 

before we make our move to london we're taking a long vacation and visiting some more of the watch this space for the last of our american adventure.....this time around!


  1. Many congratulations on your exciting news and welcome over to London when you get here! Hope the city will keep you as busy as NYC has.

    1. Thanks! We've been back only 3 weeks in London and we're very busy! Unfortunately not with fun things just yet, just setting up life. But hopefully we'll soon have time to re-discover London again!