Wednesday, June 5, 2013


a few weeks back was memorial weekend, meaning 4 days off. this holiday is known as the unofficial start to the summer with the beach packed full of new yorkers wanting to escape the humid city for the sand and sea, but not this year as it poured and poured (with rain).
on the monday we woke up to sun and so decided to take our chances and head upstate along the hudson river to a place called cold springs, on a friends recommendation. we took the train, along with a lot of other new yorkers wanting to escape the city, from grand central. we arrived and it seemed everyone got off at the same stop. we spent the day sauntering around the village (it was just one main road running through the centre, so didn't take too long), in and out of all the antique shops, drinking coffee and lazing and walking along the river. after the day though we felt slightly bored and bemused as to why it was such a popular stop. we returned back home only to find out from friends that we had missed cold springs main attraction. hiking. whoops. oh well, maybe next time!

got the tickets. are we ready?

craving the city much?

spot the welsh emblem? you can take a girl out of wales, but not the welsh out of the girl.

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